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I have been working as a professional Animator for several years now, and I am constantly striving to improve my artistic abilities.  I have had the opportunity to work on many different projects with many different styles, ranging from cartoony to realistic to everything in between.  My goal is to contribute my knowledge and passion of animation to a project while working with a team to produce the best quality product.




  • Animation Production Processes

  • Gameplay Animation

  • Cinematic Animation

  • Facial Animation

  • Keyframe

  • Motion Capture




Software :  

  • Maya

  • Motionbuilder

  • Unreal Engine 3

  • Xsens Motion Capture

  • ​XSI FaceRobot




Airtight Games

Oct 2006 - present


Murdered: Soul Suspect

3rd Person Investigation/Action-Adventure

Ship date :  June 2014

Lead Animator for In-game Enemies, Creatures, and Player Characters


  • Utilized Motion Capture and Keyframe animation to accomplish locomotion and personality animations for multiple characters (biped, quadruped, floating)

  • Iterated on multiple Animation Systems: Controller and AI locomotion, Combat, Interactions, Movement Transitions

  • Polished body and facial animations for Cinematics

  • Collaborated with Cinematic Director and other Animators to set up cameras, characters, and scene layouts

  • Implemented rough and final cinematic scenes into Unreal Engine 3


Quantum Conundrum

1st Person Puzzler

Ship date :  July 2012

Lead Animator for 'IKE'


  • Created Keyframe animation to develop the look and feel for the Interdimensional Kinetic Entity (time-traveling furball)


Dark Void

3rd Person Shooter

Ship date :  Jan 2010

Animator for Player and AI Characters


  • Created Keyframe Animation for several characters including Player, Enemy Grunts, and Sarpa

  • Iterated on Cover-based Firing/Bunkering and developed new Vertical Combat system which was rolled out to other characters

  • Created Cinematic style combat interaction moments with AI

  • Iterated on multiple Animation Systems: Controller and AI locomotion, Combat, Interactions, Movement Transitions

  • Polished Body and Facial animation on Cinematics during the final stages of production


Freelance 3d Artist / Animator

Jul 2005 - Oct 2006


  • I worked on various short-term projects as an independent 3d Artist / Animator

TigarHare Studios

Mar 2006 - May 2006


  • I created facial animation for an E3 game trailer using XSI FaceRobot and 3ds Max


Tri-Dimensional Studios

Jun 2004 - Jul 2005


  • I created animations for a Children's DVD series. I also provided assistance in modeling, texturing, lighting, layout, and rendering using Maya and After Effects



2005 - 2006

Certificate in Advanced Character Animation Studies


University of Central Florida

1998 - 2003

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Computer Animation


DAVE School

2001 - 2002

Associates Degree in Digital Animation & Visual Effects


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